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My Other Girl

MY OTHER GIRL is a psychological thriller about a woman who struggles mightily to keep her family together after a fatal crash kills one of her twin daughters and cripples her husband until the spirit of late girl appears, bent on wreaking havoc in their lives. Check out the first six pages: Should you wish to do so, you can also check out the synopsis for MY OTHER GIRL, here.READ MORE >>>

The Lizards

WHERE THE LIZARDS SOARED is a thriller set on the slopes of the lost city of Machu Picchu, a journey through the arcane Inca’s world in which two lovers struggle mightily to reunite after one of them was murdered. Check out first few pages: Should you wish to check out the synopsis of THE LIZARDS, please follow this link. The very first scene of The Lizards, visualized:READ MORE >>>


While I was working on I, GUILTY… a part of the Guilt and Forgiveness Project I had that feeling Berlin is, in its core, a city of reconciliation. It may have started with the famous moment of Willy Brandt kneeling in Warsaw. Willy Brandt, who was in Warsaw to sign the Polish-West German bilateral agreement, unexpectedly genuflected in front of the Warsaw Ghetto Monument. Brandt visited the site in order to place a wreath and honor the victims whom it...READ MORE >>>