The Andes are a place where magic happens: gateways to heaven and the occult world of souls. In that vast, esoteric part of the world, we share a spiritual spark that makes us one with the Sun God.

BEYOND is a thriller about Andrew, 29, a mythologist who is bent on solving the mystery of the Incan writings but encounters demons instead. The worst of them is Magyar the Priest, 52, an excommunicated Catholic priest whose world is one of malicious, ruthless ghosts. He becomes Andrew’s nemesis, but Andrew also needs his help.

Andrew hires Jacqueline, 26, to be his Incan guide on the four-day trek to the fabled city of Machu Picchu. As they swap stories about his alcoholic mother’s death and the death of Jacqueline’s father on a previous trek in the Andes, they discover a profound love for each other.

They decide to unlock the Incan mystery of crossing to the Hanan Pacha, an overworld where celestial gods and immortal souls dwell, so that she can be reunited with her father. They first set off for the Cordillera Blanca Mountains, where the Mountain Demon, a wanderer whose origins go all the way back to Mount Sinai, killed her father when they were on a quest to discover the Demon’s origins.

Like her father before her, Jacqueline is snatched by the Mountain Demon. Andrew, who falls into a coma under cardiac arrest as a result of Demon’s attack, leaves the hospital and comes back to Machu Picchu, following Jacqueline’s words that “Only love is as strong as death.”

His challenge is to find the Golden Key, which opens the Inca Cross, a portal into Hanan Pacha. Magyar the Priest is the Golden Key’s secrets keeper, but, since he loved Jacqueline, he refuses to help Andrew. Magyar the Priest blames Andrew for her death. A motley group of Jacqueline’s friends come to Andrew’s aid: Herrero the Blacksmith, Polegar the Thumb Man, and Qupi-Qupi the Condor help him to vanquish the Lake Titicaca Monster who guards the Key.

Andrew now must go back to Machu Picchu to unlock the Inca Cross and reunite with Jacqueline. He again faces Magyar the Priest, who’s determined to stop Andrew by unleashing the most daunting danger of them all: Andrew’s death and eternal banishment from the celestial Hanan Pacha.