Manhattan is a post-nuclear Hell.

Winston Varga, a human equivalent of pure bliss, appears on TV selling AMERICAN DREAM 2.0 Corp.’s new product: a Happiness Pill. He solemnly promises 15% of the profits will go to “our fearless heroes fighting the evil Chinese Red Army in the Malacca Strait war.”

Ahebban Corey toils as a prisoner in the “Serve for American Freedom” Mill #09 in Denver. Varga has framed him, because Ahebban refused to hack into Varga’s archenemy’s top secret project.

An imprisoned female member of the high-tech Resistance group offers Ahebban a memory stick. The terms of his sentence do not allow him to use electronic equipment, but she insists, and Ahebban succumbs because he has fallen in love with her.

Ahebban reviews the file on the memory stick: a dramatic video debunking the false media war against China: it has never happened! Moreover, the ammo they make in the Freedom Mill ships elsewhere, providing war profits for Varga.

After a spectacular escape, Ahebban joins the Resistance in the Forbidden America territory, where his uncanny hacking skills as well as his knack to expose spies and shun the authorities makes him the Resistance’s instant leader. Alerted to Ahebban’s escape, Varga initiates a hit on him.

Varga encourages the President with a $100M check and procures supermodels willing to sacrifice for the greater good by entertaining the President. Grateful, the President announces a new Real Health Care Bill that fully subsidizes distribution of Varga’s Happiness Pills to every man, woman, and child in the country.

Ahebban discovers the secret mind control properties embedded in the Happiness Pill. He is the only one who knows how to stop its devastating consequences, so he leads his motley crew of rebels on a flight across the Forbidden America territory in order to assault Varga’s fortress-like headquarters in Manhattan.

Varga’s attempt to murder Ahebban kills many resistance fighters, but Ahebban manages to survive and faces Varga. A bloody showdown ensues, and what seems to be an unlikely victory for Ahebban results in an even more surprising outcome.