Why do they fear Donald Trump so much?

Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are disliked or even hated by roughly six in 10 Americans. Worst of both worlds, one from the despicable party (“D”) and another somehow coming from its equally detestable peer, the repulsive party (“R”), merged to create a grotesque synergy of fear and loathing.

As the media unilaterally declared Hillary Clinton to be “the Democratic Party’s presumptive nominee for president” — on 6/6/16 “a day when nobody voted” — the fear dripping from stalwarts like The Washington Post seems more significant than ever. They deal with “Trump the Fascist” almost exclusively, leaving the Hillary out of any “fascist” discourse . “This is how fascism comes to America” opinion piece by The Post portrays him as perilous to the republic’s very survival. With her, it’s been tacitly implied, everything will be hunky-dory. After all, she is the embodiment of the system that works. (just don’t ask for whom it works) “Fascist movements,” The Post teaches us, “had no coherent ideology, no clear set of prescriptions for what ailed society,” so yes, we should fear Trump and embrace the establishment’s candidate and her own “coherent ideology.” This stance is worth pondering.

An apocryphal story has it that Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Secretary of State, Sumner Welles, once said “Somoza’s (Nicaragua’s dictator for 44 years) a bastard,” to which Roosevelt laconically replied, “Yes, but he’s our bastard.”

Donald Trump may be a con artists as Jonah Goldberg wrote in The National Review or a bastard but for sure he is not “their bastard.” And that seems to scare the living hell out of the establishment and its sycophant media. John Swinton, chief editorial writer at The New York Times in the 1860s said it best:

“The business of the journalists is to destroy the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to vilify, to fawn at the feet of mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread. You know it and I know it, and what folly is this toasting an independent press? We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are the jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes.”

Hillary Clinton is likely to go face-to-face against Donald Trump, battling for “an office that requires knowledge, stability and immense responsibility,” as she puts it. Needless to say, it is her who possesses the required knowledge, stability and immense responsibility to carry out the duty of the president of the United States of America and not that “dangerously incoherent” man who “will take our country down a truly dangerous path.”

Dilbert’s creator Scott Adams recognized the genius political strategy behind attacks — FEAR — “It appears that the Clinton campaign has wisely decided to abandon its claim to reason, facts, and other losing strategies, and go “full fear” as their persuasion theme. The idea is that pairing Trump with nuclear war will make him unelectable.”

It takes a thief to catch a thief.

“Our Bastards”: Babbling Narcissist vs. Responsible Assassins

Trump is a blurter. He blurts whatever comes to his mind. Asked about ISIS he said, “… you have to take out their families. They, they care about their lives. Don’t kid yourself. But they say they don’t care about their lives. You have to take out their families.”

Enters ThinkProgress, “a progressive public policy research and advocacy organization” and rightfully horrified over such an outrageous statement by Trump, starts to pontificate: “The purposeful murder of civilians during wartime is widely (sic!) considered a crime against humanity.” Hillary Clinton added from her saintly position, “He (Trump) has said that he would order our military to carry out torture and the murder of civilians who are related to suspected terrorists — even though those are war crimes,” she said during her speech on national security on June 2nd.

Only an absolute horror of a human being could calmly suggest killing innocent civilians or advocate torture. ThinkProgress has every right to be appalled by his abhorrent excesses. Judd Legum, Editor-in-Chief of ThinkProgress, I would not doubt for a second, is an unbiased, objective journalist. Sure, he was the Research Director for the Hillary Clinton for President campaign but this is not to say he would not judge both Clinton and Trump by same standards. (only that he did not get to Clinton or Obama yet)

Speaking of Barack Obama, a book on the 2012 presidential campaign claims that he told aides that he is “really good at killing people.” Obama, the Nobel Peace Prize recipient for 2009, “has overseen the expansion of the CIA’s targeted killing program, which the Bureau of Investigative Journalism estimates has killed between 2,528 and 3,648 individuals in Pakistan since 2004″ wrote The Huffington Post. Such is the responsible approach: smoke the bastards out.

I am sure all of them were horrible terrorists who deserved to die without due process of law. Alas:

International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights
Article 6
1. Every human being has the inherent right to life. This right shall be protected by law. No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his life.

The United States of America is among the signatories of the Covenant; the U.S. signed it on 5 Oct 1977 and ratified it on 8 Jun 1992.

Nitpicking about United Nations’ tiresome resolutions aside, it seems the choice is obvious: a murderous lunatic vs. our responsible leaders like Mr. Barack Obama or Ms. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Moreover, unlike that humorless fascist Trump, the very face of “immense responsibility” has shown it also has a joyful, funny side:

A cheerleader for the murder

To some, it may be reassuring to see our former Secretary of State and the presidential candidate so mirthfully gloating over an assassination of the foreign head of state. She was instrumental in killing Muammar al-Gaddafi so it would looks good in her resume for the establishment; it is almost like a letter of recommendation. She’s not a dangerous, incoherent Trump who babbles, she does it. “We came, we saw, he died,” she boasts with her trademark cackle.

Trump that Donald!

“To this day, Clinton avers that ‘it’s too soon to tell’ whether the Libya intervention qualifies as an unmitigated failure — even in the face of marauding militias, no less than two self-declared governments, the horrific death of an American ambassador at the hands of the very militias we empowered, and the incursion of the Islamic State, al Qaeda, and other terrorist outfits,” quibbles the AntiWar website “devoted to the cause of non-interventionism.”

She also refused to be interviewed for the New York Times article, “that describes her leading role in the events that left Libya a bloody mess.” No need to bother with insignificant details. Clinton is too responsible and too important to be questioned.

Post-Clinton Libya: so much to be cheerful about

After all, another giant of Democratic — not at all fascist — political thought and the recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, Madam Secretary Madeleine Albright, famously said that ”500,000 dead Iraqi Children was “worth it.”

Hillary Clinton feverishly and responsibly supported the invasion of Iraq.

Madeleine Albright is an ardent supporter of Hillary Clinton. She cheerfully told the crowd and voters in general: “There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other!” (i.e. if you don’t vote for Hillary you’ll burn in Hell)

We all shared a good laugh.

Laughter is Good for the Soul

Hillary Clinton knows a good laugh but she’s also a Very Serious Person who took great pains to establish herself as the Democratic candidate who would most faithfully continue the magnanimous legacy of President Barack Obama. And what a legacy that will have been once he writes his presidential biography. “I Came, I Saw, They Died” could be a good title for what is going to be a better-seller for sure.

Our noble leader is also a funny man. A real, lighthearted joker with a great sense of humor. His drone strikes have killed, and keep killing on daily basis, hundreds if not thousands of completely innocent civilians, but all those good-hearted “White House correspondents” burst into a collective laughter over now famous Obama joke about drone-killing young celebrities, the Jonas Brothers, for the thought crime of attempting to sleep with his daughters, a joke he delivered with mirth and trademark smile.

Oh, boy didn’t we all have a great time?

Intermezzo: A Minor Issue of Law. Again.

Executive Order 12333

2.11 Prohibition on Assassination.
No person employed by or acting on behalf of the United States Government shall engage in, or conspire to engage in, assassination.

Ted Bundy of Politics

Were Barack Obama a Republican president and not a charming, frolicking speaker or if he were more like the horror invoking Trump, ThinkProgress and other staunch human rights defenders would for sure call him an assassin, a mass-murderer that should be tried for crimes against humanity. Luckily, as much as Hillary Clinton, he’s an infallible Democrat so we can yawn away all these ugly insinuations of war crimes. Besides, what counts for more, some civilians killed: 425–967 or children killed: 172–207 The Bureau of Investigative Journalism publishes when it investigates “Obama drone strikes” or the Nobel Peace Prize? Add the fawning press and you have your answer.

Well-oiled war machine has a lot to chuckle about. Let me give you a hint:

— US Special Operations forces (SOF) is deployed to 133 countries — roughly 70 percent of the nations on the planet — according to Lieutenant Colonel Robert Bockholt, a public affairs officer with US Special Operations Command (SOCOM);

— Over the course of Obama presidency, though, the U.S. military will have allocated more money to war-related initiatives than it did under George W. Bush: $866 billion under Obama compared with $811 billion under Bush.

— The United States Air Force (USAF) is going to station 20 new B61–12 nuclear bombs in Germany, each 80 times more destructive than the one used on Hiroshima, a report says.

It is obvious that we can not give control over the world we occupy and occasionally, peacefully and responsibly obliterate into oblivion, to a teetotaling bozo like Donald Trump. Such a task should be given to responsible people, experienced in killing and ravaging small, defenseless countries, in a word, people like Obama and Clinton.

If Hillary is not given reign America might fall into the fascists hands of Trump and occupy 134, 140 or even more countries instead of these meager 133 today. A predictable insanity is better than unpredictable madness; the establishment knows whom they want to do the bidding for them.

NATO and Nuclear War Card

Trump has criticized the NATO alliance with mainly European nations — a cornerstone of U.S. foreign policy — as obsolete and too costly for the United States. These are Trump’s exact words: “If you look at the NATO countries — 28 countries — they’re not living up to what they’re supposed to be living up to. They’re not paying what they’re supposed to be paying, which is very little by the way. So what are we supposed to get into World War III over a country that doesn’t respect us enough to even pay what they’re supposed to be paying?”

Trump’s NATO politics is best described as the Army Protection Racket:

The establishment is not pleased with Trump. NATO’s top military officer, General Petr Pavel, chairman of the NATO Military Committee, said in an interview that Russian “President (Vladimir) Putin and some others may be pleased by this approach”.

Let us take a closer look at how the “immensely responsible” people are dealing with the nuclear war threat.

A Responsible World War III à la Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton

That Donald Trump is an extremely dangerous lunatic, as Hillary Clinton asserts, seems to have been known by president Obama even back in 2009. In his trademark soaring speech, Obama pledged to ratify a test ban treaty and convene a global summit for eventual elimination of nuclear stockpiles. He called for a strengthening of the 1968 nuclear non-proliferation treaty, the bedrock of global efforts to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons, and revealed that Washington would host a global summit on nuclear security within a year.

The Guardian further wrote: “ Cloaking his concrete anti-nuclear proposals in ringing rhetoric and lofty oratory against the stunning backdrop of Prague Castle, Obama argued there was violence and injustice in the world that had to be confronted, but urged people not to succumb to choosing fear over hope.”

What a man. What a statesman. What a joker.

The reality is this: “ The United States maintains a modern arsenal of about 1,900 strategic nuclear warheads deployed on Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs), Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missiles (SLBMs), and Strategic Bombers. The Departments of Defense and Energy requested approximately $23 billion in Fiscal Year (FY) 2015 to maintain and upgrade these systems, according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO). CBO estimates that nuclear forces will cost $348 billion between FY 2015 and FY 2024.[i] Three independent estimates put the expected total cost over the next 30 years at as much as $1 trillion.”

Should you wish to better understand that insane number, please note that $1 trillion over the next 30 years translates into $3,805,175.04 spent on nuclear war prep madness, every single hour of every single day during 30 years.

The Responsible Ones chose to starve the people, let the infrastructure decay, keep the world hostage for their nuclear madness so the establishment could get even richer. But at least they have given us poetry in return. Enters the Poet-in-Chief:

Nuclear Bomb Poetry

“Seventy-one years ago, on a bright cloudless morning, death fell from the sky and the world was changed.”

These beautiful words were not written by Matsuo Bashō, the most famous poet of the Edo period in Japan, nope, they were uttered by the US President Obama, in Hiroshima. He then continued his wonderful delivery:

“We come to ponder a terrible force unleashed in a not-so-distant past. We come to mourn the dead, including (sic!) over 100,000 Japanese men, women and children, thousands of Koreans, a dozen Americans held prisoner.”

When German Chancellor Willy Brandt knelled before the memorial to the victims of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising he did not joke, he wasn’t cynical and he did not invoke soaring rhetoric about death “falling from the sky,” “including” some Polish and Jewish “men, women and children”; he knelled in silence instead, overwhelmed by the horrors the Warsaw Ghetto, and Hiroshima indeed, represent.

Willy Brand’s “ Warsaw Genuflection”

But Obama could not kneel — he represents these ineffable, magnanimous responsible people who know killing civilians and children is “worth its price” — it’s his duty to deliver more profits for his overlords, the establishment, he and Hillary Clinton serve all so well.

He plays his PR role for the establishment to perfection. The “death fell from the sky,” — give me a freaking break. Clinton, the “women’s candidate”, John Pilger writes, matches up as she “leaves a trail of bloody coups: in Honduras, in Libya (plus the murder of the Libyan president) and Ukraine. The latter is now a CIA theme park swarming with Nazis and the front-line of a beckoning war with Russia.”

Such is the “responsible” continuation of Obama’s legacy.

What if Trump does not want War? (with Russia and China)

If Trump means what he says:

“I want a better relationship with everybody. And with Russia, yeah, if we can get along with Russia, that’s very good.”

where does that leave the Obama’s legacy and the establishment? Who will pay for the billions and trillions they make out of other people’s blood and suffering?

“Laugh all the way to the bank,” gets a whole new meaning.

War cost will reach $5 to $7 trillion

Zbigniew Brzezinski stated the strategic objective of U.S. policy in his 1993 book The Grand Chessboard: “American primacy” quite clearly. NATO, as one of the institutions serving to perpetuate American hegemony, “makes the United States a key participant in intro-European affairs.” In its “global web of specialized institutions”, which of course includes NATO, the United States exercises power through “continuous bargaining, dialogue, diffusion, and quest for formal consensus, even though that power originates ultimately from a single source, namely, Washington, D.C.”

There’s no place for anyone but ‘them’ — the insiders, the plutocrats, the oligarchy, the ventriloquists, the establishment, the military industrial complex — on the helm of an Empire that sucks the blood out of the world.

The unsurpassed global military power the United States represents tyrannizes the world with its “pivot to Asia” (South China Sea is ours, of course); it is pushing us to the brink of a World War III with its insane war games in Ukraine and by stationing its NATO military next to Russia; it destroys the Middle East with its bloody, endless wars; it is ravaging Africa with NATO & AFRICOM… the list never ends…

The US Military’s Pivot to Africa
The US Military’s Pivot to Asia
The US Military’s Threat to Russia

Hillary Clinton represents the cold, calculated money-grubbing freaks that with “immense responsibility” serve the Gods of Money.

Obama’s murderous insanity faced almost no significant resistance precisely because he is the perfect marketing tool. It may have eluded us, but he has won Marketer of the Year award in 2008, you know, the year in which he successfully sold you that “hope and change” pretense. As much as “Coca-Cola” sells you an image of happiness in their advertisements while in reality it makes you obese and has your teeth decayed, the Obamas and Clintons of the establishment sell you hope while creating fear and hopelessness.

The former Secretary of State said the property mogul was “not someone who should ever have the nuclear codes,” and I would not argue with her position on that at all. A right-wing populist lunatic is a dangerous unknown. You simply can not know if he will use the immense military power to keep ravaging the world; to continue endless wars; to carry on bombing campaigns left and right; to perpetuate phony wars, on terror, on drugs, on poisoned daffodils you name it or not.

With Hillary, on the other hand, you can be a 100% certain she will do her utmost to keep the war machine well oiled and undisturbed. Under Clinton’s leadership, the State Department approved $165 billion worth of commercial arms sales to 20 nations whose governments have given money to the Clinton Foundation, according to an IBTimes analysis of State Department and foundation data. She’s one of them so it’s only natural the establishment wants her and loathes Trump.

Best of buddies: Hillary Clinton and Henry Kissinger; he is “considered ”an amoral egotist who enabled dictators, extended the Vietnam War, laid the path to the Khmer Rouge killing fields, stage-managed a genocide in East Timor, overthrew the democratically elected left-wing government in Chile, and encouraged Nixon to wiretap his political adversaries.” (source)

Henry Kissinger represents Dorian Grey’s portrait, hidden in an attic decaying for all Hillary Clinton represents as she is sold to us as an “immensely responsible” leader like him. Peek at “Kissinger legacy” and you’ll see the future of more death, venomous policy and destruction with Hillary.

I dread for small, defenseless countries all over the world she’ll cackle away with her hearty laughter. Do 500,000 dead children here or some 500,000 dead children there really matter when billions change hands among them? The Clinton Foundation can always support some project in Africa to reduce childhood obesity.

With her Mephistophelian philosophy echoing around arcane corridors of power — “We came, we saw, he died!” — I am surprised Donald Trump is still alive.