A badass 14 yr old cyberpunk girl seeks the help of a 16th century alchemist to fight a computer dead set on destroying human life on Earth.

This project is too secretive to be shared, even my usual “first several pages” will have revealed too much and I will have to chase you down and pull a Keyser Söze treatment on you. We wouldn’t want this, would we? (but I can tell you, it all starts in Praha, where Tycho Brahe is buried, in fact, in the very grave in which he was buried. We also go to Świnoujście, in Poland, also called Swinemünde in German so what more could a moviegoer wish for?)

Tycho Brahe Grave

Tycho Brahe Secret











Displaced Mighty Redwood Films, LLC Roman Latkovic Mighty Redwood Films, LLC 2014-1-1
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