Synopsis of MY OTHER GIRL

A tale set in a contemporary suburban environment, MY OTHER GIRL is a story about an affectionate family named the Whitelocks. Their lives are torn apart by tragedy when a drunk driver puts the father, Richard, in a wheelchair and causes the mother, Sherena, to miscarry one of her twin girls.

Years later Sherena can’t let go of the memory of her unborn daughter, whose presence constantly haunts her. Sherena surreptitiously paints portraits of her deceased daughter, Scarlett, along with her surviving child, Sophia, as they grow up together in Sherena’s imaginary family life.

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My Other Girl

When the Whitelocks are faced with the foreclosure of their home, they seek the help of Wesley Hughes, Richard’s pious millionaire brother-in-law, whose great wealth emboldens him to make unwanted sexual advances toward Sherena.

As the family drama heightens and the drunk driver, Pierson, is released from prison, Scarlett’s vengeful spirit witnesses Sherena’s dramatic encounter with the man who years earlier took her life. When Sherena goes to meet Pierson, Hughes follows her and violently attacks him, then tries to force Sherena to have sex with him.

Then all hell breaks loose as Scarlett rushes to rescue her mother from Hughes.

Empowered by Sherena’s fantasies, Scarlett’s ghost actually comes to life, and embarks on a journey of revenge. Pierson crashes his car in an accident eerily similar to her own, and Sherena’s conduct at the scene of his death lands her in police custody as the prime suspect. Actually, it was Scarlett who killed him.

Scarlett then stalks Hughes and, in a spectacular showdown, burns down his mansion and kills him.

Now accused of Hughes’s murder, Sherena’s progressively erratic behavior gets her committed to a psychiatric hospital. Facing her own imminent madness, Sherena finally finds closure on the death of “her other girl” (Scarlett) in a most unexpected way.