I am a story teller…

Here’s what Dr. Melody Jackson wrote about me: “His is the true life journey that reads like a Hollywood suspense story: Roman’s life has infused his stories with passion, tragedy and triumph. He was always that wicked purveyor of bliss and fantasy, creator of firestorms and controversies; a writer who makes us laugh even while we shudder. It’s no small wonder Roman has been – in real life – enemy number #1 of the totalitarian regime in his native Croatia (for writing). From there, via the slums of Rio de Janeiro, an almost surreal series of events had him end up with political asylum in the United States.” (more about my strange journey here)

Once here, legendary Professor Richard Walter of UCLA described me as “a writer with great talent and discipline.” Here are the samples of my work / screenplays. Check them out and enjoy:

AMERICAN DREAM 2.0a dark comedy in which grafting tycoons and depraved politicians fight to death over the last valuable commodity remaining: human happiness;
BLACK MONDAYS a globetrotting tale of financial terror;
CROWLEY’S DAUGHTERa tale set in the catacombs of Paris and the farthest corners of the universe;
MY OTHER GIRLa really scary supernatural thriller;
WHERE THE LIZARDS SOAREDa romance thriller set on the slopes of the lost city of Machu Picchu;
TYCHO BRAHE SECRETa tale in which bad-ass 14 yr old cyberpunk girl seeks the help of a 16th century alchemist.


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Roman Latkovic Roman Latković, a Croatian author, U.S. asylee, filmmaker, journalist, globetrotter, and a screenwriter sometimes thinks of himself as Salieri thought of Mozart’s oboe from Serenade For Winds, K.361: 3rd Movement and chuckles. Facebook Twitter Google + SoundCloud YouTube LinkedIn Vimeo