CROWLEY’S DAUGHTER is a coming-of-age thriller set in the catacombs of contemporary Paris and the farthest corners of the universe, a tale about a 16 y.o. girl groomed to become the most powerful magician ever, capable of coping with the very idea of the Time and Space.

But when she encounters an improbable love, she faces even the more impossible choice – she must choose between her love and her own father.

Displaced Mighty Redwood Films, LLC Roman Latkovic Mighty Redwood Films, LLC 2014-1-1
Roman Latkovic Roman Latković, a Croatian author, U.S. asylee, filmmaker, journalist, globetrotter, and a screenwriter sometimes thinks of himself as Salieri thought of Mozart’s oboe from Serenade For Winds, K.361: 3rd Movement and chuckles. Facebook Twitter Google + SoundCloud YouTube LinkedIn Vimeo